Future Broadband

Pay-As-You-Go NBN from Future Broadband – very high speed connection at a very low price.

PAYG NBN is great for those who have low usage requirements, have no need for unlimited, but want the fastest connection Future Broadband can deliver.

The base price is $60 per month and includes a 30GB data allowance. Excess usage is charged at 11c per GB.

Spend Examples:

    Total usage 100GB (70GB excess) – $60pm + $7.70 excess = $67.70
    Total usage 250GB (220GB excess) – $60pm + $24.20 excess = $84.20
    Total usage 500GB (470GB excess) – $60pm + $51.70 excess = $111.70
    Total usage 800GB (770GB excess) – $60pm + $84.70 excess = $144.70

Future Broadband does not recommend PAYG NBN for sustained monthly usage above 250GB. You can change to a included data or unlimited product beginning the next calendar month. Charges Apply.

NBN 100/40M or FWPLUS

Pay As You Go Connection

$60 pm

Total costs: $115 over 1 month incl $55 setup

Monthly Bonus - 30GB Included Every Month

Premium Evening Speed
92M+ Typical Speeds - Fixed Line NBN
Fixed Wireless speeds will be slower (FWPLUS)

(view nbn key facts sheet

Tech Features
Static Routed IP Address

Business-Grade IP Network

Gateway Hardware
Bring your own or buy preconfigured
(options from $145)

Optional Phone
$0 - no included calls (PAYG)
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Aussie/Perth Customer Service
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Pay-As-You-Go Home Phone

PAYG Home Phone is optional and included for $0 per month, just pay for calls.

Upgrade an Advanced Home/Office Phone for just $5 per month or include a managed handset for $15 per month (plus $20 shipping)

View Phone Plans

Month-to-Month Terms

PAYG NBN plans are on month-to-month terms, simply give us 14 days notice if you decide to leave.

We can also offer free relocation to a new NBN site once connected.

Static Routed WAN /30 IPv4

We issue a /30 IP Network Block for every NBN Connection. That means 1 IP Dedicated to the Gateway, and 1 for your Router.

We don't use DHCP or PPPoE, so you've got internet as soon as your device is ready.

Important Information You Need To Know (click to expand)

Comprehensive Information: View comprehensive plan details by viewing the Critical Information Summary for the PAYG NBN Plans.

nbn Speeds: The maximum line speed available at your premises for FTTN/B/C customers will be confirmed your after connection. Fixed Wireless speeds will be lower.

Future Broadband PAYG NBN is connected to the fastest NBN tier we determine is possible for your premises, to a max of an NBN100 speed tier. Fixed Wireless does not have NBN100 available and will be connected as FWPLUS.

Standard Installation: Additional charges apply for non-standard installations, subsequent installs, and new development areas.

Billing/Payment/Deposit Upon submission of your order to us, we will review it and if accepted process the deposit payment for your order. Once payment of deposit is successful we will begin ordering your services with our suppliers for internet / voice and if required, hardware. The activation date of your service will mark its billing start date. As we issues invoices on the 1st of each month, your first invoice will contain a pro-rata adjustment in arrears to reflect a mid-month activation date as well as the first full month in advance. Usage above the 30GB included is charged in arrears Residential Invoices are paid by Autopay only (no surcharge), on or around the 1st of each month. Comprehensive payment options are available with our Business NBN offering.

Optional Phone Services Future Broadband provides customers options for VOIP and UNI-V phone services. These services do not provide priority assistance and are dependent on your internet service to function. If your internet service is unavailable and the phone cannot connect, you wont be able to dial 000. For Priority Assistance services we recommend you contact Telstra. For full conditions of phone services please view the phone service critical information summary on our website.

Plan Changes & Existing Customers
If your needs grow beyond our PAYG NBN product you can perform a product change to any Performance NBN or Business NBN Plan that is offered at that time. Product Changes (PAYG to Performance NBN) will take effect from the 1st of the next billing period, mid-month changes are not possible. There is a $30 cost to change, and your contract period will be extended to 12 months (or 18 months for business nbn plans) from your initial connection date.

Existing customers are not currently eligible to select or migrate to PAYG NBN.