Future Broadband | Refer Your Friends

$35 for you and $35 off for your friends!

Plus 1000 GB Additional Databank Bonus !

How the program works

Future Broadband provides current customers with unique one-time vouchers that they can give to family and friends. These standard vouchers offer you a $35 rebate on your account as well as a $35 credit for the new NBN connection on their first monthly invoice.

Also, if your on a data-banking plan you will receive 1000 GB bonus added to your bank!

– Login to your Customer Portal/My Account and select the “Vouchers” Tab

– Locate an unused voucher, note down the unique code. Provide this to the person who will receive the $35 credit after connection. Alternatively you can use your Re-usable Referral ShortCode which will choose the next available voucher.

– Your Friend then needs to place an order online, and ensure they enter your Referral ID/Offer Code in the final confirmation pages.

– Your Friend will not be able to claim another offer at the same time as a referral.

– After the new service is activated, the next invoices will contain a credit and the Databank Bonus if applicable.

Future Broadband reserves the right to terminate the referral program for any or all customer at any time and/or withdraw the program completely. We will provide at least 30 days notice of our intention to do so to any affected customers via email.