Future Broadband | Refer Your Friends

$35 for you and $35 off for your friends!

Plus 1000 GB Additional Databank Bonus !

How the program works

Future Broadband provides current customers with unique one-time vouchers that they can give to family and friends. These standard vouchers offer you a $35 rebate on your account as well as a $35 credit for the new Performance NBN or Wireless NBN connection on their first monthly invoice.

Also, if your on a data-banking plan you will receive 1000 GB bonus added to your bank!

– Login to your Customer Portal/My Account and select the “Vouchers” Tab

– Locate an unused voucher, note down the unique code. Provide this to the person who will receive the $35 credit after connection. Alternatively you can use your Re-usable Referral ShortCode which will choose the next available voucher.

– Your Friend then needs to place an order online, and ensure they enter your Referral ID/Offer Code in the final confirmation pages.

– Your Friend will not be able to claim another offer at the same time as a referral.

– After the new service is activated, the next invoices will contain a credit and the Databank Bonus if applicable.

Future Broadband reserves the right to terminate the referral program for any or all customer at any time and/or withdraw the program completely. We will provide at least 30 days notice of our intention to do so to any affected customers via email.

Referral program does not apply for new orders on enterprise nbn or business plans. Credits can only be used for Future Broadband Monthly NBN services on your account and cannot be refunded for cash, transferred or used in any other way.