Enterprise Ethernet on NBN 

Enterprise ETHERNET SPeeds 10/10 - 1000/1000

CHOOSE Low-CoS(PIR) or High-CoS(CIR)

10x BUSINESS VOIP Lines - Optional PBX

Advanced Options - LOCAL PERTH SUPPORT - 24/7

NBN Enterprise Ethernet LowCoS
Metro - CBD - 36 Months - Internet Plan



10M / 10M

$0 Setup

$350 per month
Total Cost $12600 over 36 months

100M / 100M

$0 Setup

$395 per month
Total Cost $14,220 over 36 months

250M / 250M

$0 Setup

$520 per month
Total Cost $18,720 over 36 months

350M / 350M

$0 Setup

$775 per month
Total Cost $27,900 over 36 months

500M / 500M

$0 Setup

$850 per month
Total Cost $30,600 over 36 months

800M / 800M

$0 Setup

$900 per month
Total Cost $32,400 over 36 months

1000M / 1000M

$0 Setup

$960 per month
Total Cost $34,560 over 36 months

Qualify NBN Enterprise Ethernet (NBN EE) Availability & Price Zone

10x Business Phone Lines
Connect your business premises, your mobile softphone, and your home.

You simply pay for the calls as required, or include standard national and mobile calls for $200 pm.

Add hosted PBX for $25 and you can connect 10 extensions to an advanced platform that supports:
Number Routing, Ring Groups, Queues, Interactrive Voice Response, Time Switches, Call Recording, Custom Hold Music, Call Parking, Plus More!

Phone Hardware Options

Connect 2 handsets using a phone cable to Gateway 501 or 501+4G.

Yealink T43U shipped and configured - $210 each
Grandstream GRP2612 shipped and configured - $135 each
Contact us for other models (DECT, accessories, etc)

You can also connect your own compatible SIP devices or softphones.

Standard or Upgraded eSLA
NBN enhanced service level agreement

All the wholesale products which nbn offers sevice providers come with a Standard Service Level Agreement, which can be upgraded with an Enhanced SLA to provide faster fault rectification and a wider window of time during which faults will be addressed. 

We can offer all the eSLA options as addons to all Enterprise NBN plans

nbn-business-fact-sheet-esla.pdf (nbnco.com.au)

Static Routed WAN /30 IPv4
We issue a /30 Static IP Network Block for every NBN Connection.
That means 1 IP Dedicated to your Router, and 1 for the Gateway. It also means we connect you via highly available network switching and routing hardware to minimise the impact of network distruption.

With Static IPoE you've got internet as soon as your device is ready.
For compatibility or convenience DHCP is offered with your Static IP.

Additional IPs can be Static Routed, Private or Public BGP, and if you own a /24 you can bring your own.

IPv6 Enabled

IPv6 is the next standard of IP offering a globally expanded set of addresses. As more devices connect, more IPs are needed and IPv6 is the solution.

Like IPv4 /30 WAN, we also issue a /126 IPv6 WAN.
LAN IPv6 is also provided as a /56 or optionally /48.

If you own an IPv6 /48 you can bring your own.

Enterprise IP Network

All connections utilize the IP Routing of Domestic T1 Providers delivering consistent speeds and quality.

Fast Connections to major Cloud & Content Providers

Direct Connections to Business Phone and Bonded Broadband Services.

Important Information You Need To Know (click to expand)

Business Customers Only: To qualify for the Enterprise Ethernet on NBN you must be a company with an ACN.

Comprehensive Information: View comprehensive plan details for the above plans by viewing the Critical Information Summary for the Enterprise Ethernet Low CoS – Metro – CBD Internet – 36 Month Plans.

To check if you are able to order these plans please use our indicative address check to view your Price Zone and NBN Zone.
These plans are for 36 Month terms on NBN Enterprise Ethernet: [ Metro (NBN: CBD) ]
NBN Fibre Contribution Charge may apply – please contact us to confirm if this is applicable to you.

nbn Speeds: Enterprise Ethernet Low CoS – Metro – Zone 1 Internet – 36 Month Plans offer a Peak Information Rate of the listed plan speed. You may not achieve these speeds at all times. High CoS offers a Committed Information Rate and is suitable for more demanding internet requirements.

Unlimited Data: Acceptable use policy – details @ https://futurebroadband.com.au/aup/

Standard Installation: Standard $0 installation charge is for 36 month contracts only.
NBN Fibre Contribution Charge may apply as a pass-through cost from NBN to build fibre to your premises.
Please contact us to confirm if this is applicable.

Billing/Payment/Deposit Upon submission of your order to us, we will review it and if accepted process the deposit payment for your order. Once payment of deposit is successful we will begin ordering your services with our suppliers for internet / voice and if required, hardware. The activation date of your service will mark its billing start date. As we issue invoices on the 1st of each month, your first invoice will contain a pro-rata adjustment in arrears to reflect a mid-month activation date as well as the first full month in advance. Comprehensive payment options are available with Enterprise Ethernet NBN plans.

Optional Phone Services Future Broadband provides customers options for VOIP phone services. These services do not provide priority assistance and are dependent on your internet service to function. If your internet service is unavailable and the phone cannot connect, you wont be able to dial 000. For Priority Assistance services we recommend you contact Telstra. For full conditions of phone services please view the phone service critical information summary on our website.