Future Broadband - SD-NBN (SD-WAN)



NBN & SDWAN Combined

Future Broadband's SD-NBN service combines:

1 or more NBN Access links,
A Packet-Based SD-WAN vNTU.
Optional virtual network within our private cloud.

NBN TC4(Layer3)
NBN TC2(Layer2 or 3)
NBN EE(Layer2 or 3)

Backup Links Incl 4G or 5G

Bonded WAN

Future Broadband SD-NBN utilises Packet-Based bonding via our aggregation POPs to combine multiple internet links into one.

This combines the speed of multiple links and allows failover in the case of link failure - without changes to your SD-NBN IP Address. Because the failover is packet-based there is no interuption to your application (such as VoIP calls).