VSIM - Virtual Mobile
One Number: Calls+SMS

Our VSIM Virtual Mobile allow you to allocate a real Australian mobile number in the cloud and integrate it into your existing business. There are many applications for virtual mobile numbers, from an executive who does not want to keep multiple handsets/sims to Mobile-First operations where the Mobile number is the primary point of contact.

Inbound and Outbound SMS services are also available, utilizing the same number. A standard POP3/IMAP mailbox is all that is required.

Future Broadband use VSIM to offer our customers a single point of contact for Messaging as well as calls. Rates are much lower than 1300/1800 Termination Rates, and most customers have included Mobile calls with their Sim Plans.

Features Include

  • SIP Handset or SIP Trunk Termination
  • Forward to another number
  • Simultaneous Ring (Ring your Real Mobile and Deskphone at the same time)
  • Fail-over to Voicemail (email a sound file to listen to, optional speech-to-text transcription)

Real Australian Mobile Number (0400 000 000)


Inbound Voice Calls - Termination to SIP Handset or SIP Trunk

Inbound Voice Calls - Termination to PSTN/Landline Answer Point

Inbound Voice Calls - Termination to Mobile Answer Point

Inbound Voice Calls - Voicemail-to-Email


Inbound SMS - Receive to Email

Outbound SMS - Send via Email


Per Month



3.5c per minute

15 cents per minute



10 cents each

Virtual Mobile Services are billed one month in advance, and is provided on a 30 day, auto-renewing contract. From time to time, rates will change and will be updated on this website.